Web based time recording

Simple, efficient, web based, timesheet recording, management and analysis.

Time Recording

  • 3 compatible modes of time-entry to suit every type of user. Weekly, Daily and Quick Entry.
  • Automatic client-culture configuration ensures dates and numbers are automatically entered and displayed according to the user's culture.
  • Support for direct entry of hours and indirect entry using start and end times.
  • Mobile interface allows time to be recorded away from the office via your mobile device.New
  • Record expenses including scanned images of receipts.New


  • Support for hierarchical billing rates that can be assigned to a User, Project, Task, Project/User or Task/User.
  • Accomodate your business requirements by integrating user defined data fields with custom columns.
  • Set budget amounts for both hours and cost against Projects and/or Tasks and directly compare against accrued actual values.
  • Managed e-mail reminder system for incomplete timesheets.
  • Multi-level approvals process for timesheets and expenses.


  • Comprehensive timesheet reporting capabilities including detail, summary and cross-tabular views
  • Report configurations including columns, filters and sort sequence can be saved to the database and restored with a single click.
  • Integrated with hierarchical billing rates to allow for the creation of billing reports.
  • Detail and summary expense reporting.New
  • Integrated configurable charting capability included with Summary and Crosstab reports.
  • Customisable report templates.


  • Scalable, robust architecture based on ASP.NET can cope with hundreds of users with ease.
  • Runs against industry standard SQL Server including free express version.
  • Scalable, robust architecture based on ASP.NET can cope with hundreds of users with ease.
  • Choose between hosted or installed versions.
  • Fully integrated security allows access to each application to be configured at an individual user level.
  • Support for both integrated Windows Active Directory authentication and forms authentication.
  • All text fully configurable to support everything from simple terminology changes to full translations.
  • Full cross-browser support including IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.


  • Simple user based licensing. Choose between one-off cost for installed version or all inclusive annual pricing for the hosted version.
  • Installed version is free for up to 5 users. You only need to purchase a license once the number of users exceeds 5.
  • Free no-obligation 30 day trial for hosted service. Sign up here.
Case Study
Quotation Mark DbNetTime provided a significant time saving in timesheet administration and individual time management. The software works very well, is easily set up to use, and highly recommended for any manager who would like to see better utilisation of human resources in their business, or anyone who just wants to improve their own time management. Quotation Mark
Jason Brand, Investec Ltd