Web based time recording

Simple, efficient, web based, timesheet recording, management and analysis.

DbNetTime comes in installable and hosted versions. The versions are web based and have identical functionality with the choice between them based on a customers particular requirements.

Installed solution

The installable version is designed to be implemented locally on your own server, run over your own local network and against your own SQL Server database. This version is most suited to customers who have some in-house IT expertise and prefer to implement applications inside their company firewall. Licensing is based on a one-off per user cost plus an optional annual support charge. The installable download includes a free 5 user license.

If you currently don't have MS SQL Server installed you can either download and install the express version of SQL Server 2008 from here or run against the embedded version of SQL Server that is included in the download.

Hosted solution

DbNetTime is also available as a hosted service running on our own high performance dedicated servers. Why not try a a free no-obligation 30 day trial of our hosted service today for a complete ready-made timesheet solution.

Robust Architecture

DbNetTime is built from the ground-up using the .Net Framework and MS SQL Server to provide robustness and scalability. Performance is our primary objective and DbNetTime will happily accomodate hundreds of users.

Easy Deployment

DbNetTime only requires a browse on the client which can be anyone of the following Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera.