Web based time recording

Simple, efficient, web based, timesheet recording, management and analysis.

DbNetTime includes 3 different methods of time entry to suit the requirements of a wide range of users.

Weekly Timesheet

The Weekly Timesheet application shows recorded time for an entire week and is designed for users who typically enter their time as blocks of hours (without start and end times) on a retrospective basis. Weekly timesheet can also be used to view and edit times entered via the Daily and Quick Entry timesheets.

Daily Timesheet

The Daily Timesheet application is designed to manage time entry on a daily basis showing recorded time for a single day. Daily timesheet is suitable for users who record time as they go through the day and like to be able to see in detail, time that has been recorded for a day. It is particularly suited to users who record a start and end time as record activities will be displayed in chronological sequence.

Quick Entry Timesheet

The Quick Entry Timesheet application is designed for users who like to record time spent on tasks as they complete them. The application has been designed to make the recording of time as efficient as possible for users who typically switch frequently between tasks in a day and need accurate recording of the time spent on those tasks.


All three time entry applications include a history facility which allows a previously recorded Cost Center/Project/Task combination to be assigned with a single click.